About Company


Rainmaker is a world leading and reputable solution provider for global brands of hardware and software products.

The distribution ecosystem for our IT products has played a vital role in promoting the technology and its product as well as it’s accessibility of all classes of the consumers. Commencing with 3 branches, India, US, and the UK, Rainmaker has now extended its tentacles to its partners in 17 countries around the world. How amazing, this shows how competent and reliable we are.


The value-adds that we offer to our channel partners

  • Pinpointing synergistic business opportunities for our partners.
  • Discussing portfolios of different brands and picking the most suitable vendor for a particular partner.
  • Helping the partner draw up a proper business plan or proposal in consultation with the vendor.
  • Assisting our clients in properly planning stock requirements, products transition and gradual scaling of the business.
  • Planning and structuring proper credit offerings in accordance with the products and business volumes taken care of by the partners.
  • Adequately guiding the partners in logistical needs of complex or large projects.

For our numerous vendors we offer

  • A readily available and stable go-to-market route for their products.
  • The domain knowledge for various business cycles and product velocities.
  • The knowledgeable foundation of individual strengths, weakness, priorities and pay attention to areas of large numbers of channel partners.
  • Commercial and logistical structuring of complex and large products.
  • Market development works better for selected members in the SMB/SME space.